Description of Zirconia Powder:

Zirconia powder is the basic material of making zirconia special ceramics, advanced refractory production, optical communication equipment, new energy material. As the raw material of key materials of cutting-edge technology, the application of high purity ultrafine composite zirconia powder is expanding. It has low temperature sintering, zirconium components made of high hardness, good strength, good whiteness.

We have Yttrium Stabilized Polycrystalline Ultrafine Zirconia Powder, Partially Stabilized Zirconia(PSZ)and Zirconia Toughened Alumina(ZTA), High Purity Ultrafine Zirconia Powder. What’s more, we can also supply Fused Calcia Stabilized Zirconia,Fused Magnesium Stabilized Zirconia and Fused Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia.

Applications of high purity ultrafine composite Zirconia Powder:

Zirconia powder has a wide range of applications, some of which are:

1.Dental implants and prosthetics: Our Dental Zirconia Powder is a specialized product category that offers high-purity zirconium oxide in finely milled form for dental applications. This advanced ceramic material is extensively used in the fabrication of dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, and implants. Dental zirconia powder provides exceptional mechanical strength, biocompatibility, and aesthetics, ensuring durable and natural-looking dental prosthetics. With its precise chemical composition and reliable properties, it enables dental laboratories to create accurate and customized restorations. As a key component in modern dentistry, Dental Zirconia Powder empowers dental professionals to deliver superior-quality dental restorations, enhancing patient satisfaction and oral health outcomes.

2.Aerospace components: Zirconia powder is used in the production of high-temperature components for aerospace applications, such as gas turbines, combustion chambers, and heat shields.

3.Cutting tools and abrasives: Zirconia powder is used to make cutting tools and abrasives due to its hardness and wear resistance.

4.Electronics: Zirconia powder is used in the production of ceramic capacitors, solid oxide fuel cells, and other electronic components due to its high dielectric constant and thermal stability.

5.Thermal barrier coatings: Zirconia powder is used in thermal barrier coatings for turbine blades, combustion chambers, and other high-temperature components in engines and power plants due to its low thermal conductivity and high thermal expansion coefficient.

Technical Parameter of Zirconia Powder:

1)Yttrium Stabilized Polycrystalline Ultrafine Zirconia Powder

Item Classification
ZrO2  wt% 84.3~84.7 90.6~91.0 86~86.4
Y2O3  wt% 5.18~5.22 8.6~9.0 13.3~13.7
Al2O3  ppm <100 0.05~0.45(wt%) 0.05~0.45(wt%)
Fe2O3  ppm <50 <50 <50
SiO2  ppm <200 <200 <200
TiO2  ppm <50 <50 <50
Na2O  ppm <50 <50 <50
K2O  ppm <100 <100 <100
CeO  ppm <100 <100 <100
MgO  ppm <100 <100 <100
Cr  ppm <500 <500 <500
BET  m2/g 5~30 10~32 10~32
Granularity  D50 μm <0.5
PH 6.5
Apparent Density  g/cm3 1.15~1.25

2)Partially Stabilized Zirconia(PSZ)and Zirconia Toughened Alumina(ZTA)

Item Specification
Ce13 Ce85 ZTA20 ZTA30
ZrO2  wt% 86~88 13.5~14.5 18~20 27.4~29.4
Y2O3  wt% / / 1~1.2 1.4~1.6
CaO  % <0.01
MgO  % <0.01
CeO2  % 12~14 84.5~85.5 / /
Al2O3  % <0.01 79.5~80.5 69.5~70.5
SiO2  % <0.015
Fe2O3  % <0.002
TiO2  % <0.005
Na2O  % <0.001
Cr  % <0.02
D50  μm 0.5~1
Lgloss  % <1.0

3) High Purity Ultrafine Zirconia Powder

Item Specification
ZrO2  wt% ≥99.7
Y2O3  wt% /
Al2O3  ppm <100
Fe2O3  ppm <50
SiO2  ppm <200
TiO2  ppm <100
Na2O  ppm <50
K2O  ppm <100
CeO  ppm <100
MgO  ppm <100
Cr  ppm <500
BET  m2/g 5~15
Granularity  D50 μm <0.5
PH 6.5
Apparent Density   g/cm3 0.5~1.0


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