Description of Rongsheng Steel Ladle Refractory

Steel companies need high-quality refractory solutions that achieve maximum productivity at the lowest cost. Ladle refractory construction are customized to each factory working conditions to optimize the life and yield of the refractory. Rongsheng Refractory Products provides unique refractory solutions for each customer.

Rongsheng provides the whole solution for the safety lining and working lining: bottom, sidewall & slag line. Resco will recommend the best castable, brick, mortar, plastic/ramming mass solution for your ladle. Are your current refractories the best for your operation? Is it time to upgrade your ladle refractory lining?

Rongsheng Refractory Products ladle representative evaluates the conditions in which your ladles operate and any stress points within the ladle. Rongsheng will also evaluate all aspects of the ladle zones. The ladle zones are the working bottom, impact zone bottom, impact zone wall, sidewall, transition, slag line, and ladle lip.

Structure of Steel Ladle

1 Filler of the free zone
2 Free Zone Bricks
3 Brick Free Zone
4 The brick of the slag belt
5 Protective lining of the slag belt
6 Shotcrete-the mass of the slag belt
7 Filler
8 Walls
9 Walls
10 Shotcrete-mass at the bottom
11 Protective lining on the bottom
12 Protective lining on the bottom
13 Reinforcement layer
14 Brick on the bottom
15 Shotcrete mass for the socket block
16 The brick of the slag belt in the mixing zone
17 Brick in the mixing area

Rongsheng Refractory Products has the experience of selecting the right type of refractory materials. Ladle linings designed such as iron charging ladles, torpedo cars, transfer ladles, and more. Are you having issues with your ladles, contact us and Rongsheng can help you solve problems.

All our steel refractory products are domestically produced allowing Rongsheng to have shorter lead times. Listed below are some of Rongsheng’s Steel Ladle Refractories

1.Ladle Linings
​MgO-C Bricks for Ladle​
Al2O3-MgO-C Bricks and MgO-Al2O3-C Bricks​
Alumina Magnesia Spinel Brick​
MgO-CaO-C Bricks
​MgO-Cr2O3 Bricks​
Carbon-free Bricks

2.Flow Control Products
​Burned Slide Gate Plate​
Unburned Slide Gate
Plate​Inner nozzles​
Pressed Collector Nozzles​
Pouring Collector Nozzles
​Pouring Well Blocks​
Pressed Well Blocks​
Ladle Filler sand​
Purging Plugs​Porous
Purging Plugs​
Al2O3-C Briquette

3.Castable Refractories
​Self-flow Castables
​Alumina-based low cement castable, alumina-based castable, corundum castable, alumina-magnesia castable and spinel castable​
Ladle Gunning Mixes
​High-quality Refractory Mortar

4.Ladle Slide Gate Systems
​Ladle Slide Gate Systems

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