All our steel refractory products are domestically produced allowing Rongsheng to have shorter lead times. Listed below are some of Rongsheng’s Steel Ladle Refractories

1.Tundish Flow Control Refractor
​Tundish Upper Nozzle
​Tundish Nozzle with ZrO2 Insert
​Metering Nozzle​
Tundish Slide Gate Plate
​Ladle Shrouds​
Immersion Nozzles​
Tundish Stopper Rods​
Corundum Fireclay, high Alumina Fireclay and ZrO2-based Fireclay

2.Tundish Flow Stabilizers
​Slag Dam, Impact pad, Stabilizer, Protection Pad, Corner Guard and Seating Block

3.Tundish Linings
​Tundish Dry Ramming Mixes
​Tundish Daub​
Refractory Castables For Tundish Permanent Linings

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