Description of Rongsheng Heat Resistant Low And Ultra-Low Cement Castables

Low and ultra-low cement castables are specialized refractory materials that have a significantly reduced content of cement compared to traditional castables. This modification results in several advantages, including lower shrinkage, improved thermal shock resistance, and reduced sulfur dioxide emissions.

Low cement castables contain less than 5% cement, while ultra-low cement castables contain less than 1% cement. The reduced cement content is achieved by incorporating alternative binders, such as magnesium oxychloride or sodium silicate, along with special aggregates and admixtures. These binders provide the castable with strength and cohesion without the associated drawbacks of traditional cement.

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Benefits of Low and Ultra-Low Cement Castables:

Reduced Shrinkage: The lower cement content leads to lower shrinkage during the curing process, minimizing cracking and spalling.

Improved Thermal Shock Resistance: The absence or reduced amount of calcium oxide (CaO) in the cementitious phase enhances the castable’s ability to withstand rapid temperature fluctuations.

Reduced Sulfur Dioxide Emissions: During decomposition, traditional cement emits sulfur dioxide (SO2), a harmful gas. Low and ultra-low cement castables with their alternative binders significantly reduce SO2 emissions.

Applications of Low and Ultra-Low Cement Castables:

Glass Industries: Low and ultra-low cement castables are widely used in glass plants due to their resistance to high temperatures and thermal shock. They are employed in forming, annealing, and melting furnaces.

Steel Industries: These castables find applications in steelmaking furnaces, ladles, and tundishes, where they withstand the extreme conditions and exposure to molten metals.

Non-Ferrous Smelting: Low and ultra-low cement castables are employed in the smelting of metals like copper, aluminum, and nickel, where they are subjected to high temperatures and corrosive environments.

Cement and Lime Kilns: These castables are used in cement and lime kilns due to their ability to withstand high temperatures and resistance to chemical attack.

Acid Resistant Applications: Low and ultra-low cement castables with special additives can be used in applications involving exposure to acids, such as wastewater treatment plants or chemical processing units.

The growing demand for high-performance refractories with improved durability and environmental properties has led to the widespread adoption of low and ultra-low cement castables. These materials are revolutionizing the refractory industry by providing a versatile and sustainable solution for a wide range of high-temperature applications.

Physical and chemical indicators of Low And Ultra-Low Cement Castables:

Item Index
Clay High Alumina Corundum
Al2O3  % ≥45 ≥75 ≥98
CaO  % <1.8 <1.5 <1.0
Bulk density  g/cm3 110℃×24h ≥2.3 ≥2.6 ≥3.1
1350℃×3h ≥2.26 ≥2.61 /
1550℃×3h / / ≥3.00
Cold Crushing Strength  MPa 110℃×24h ≥70 ≥75 ≥85
1350℃×3h ≥85 ≥90 /
1550℃×3h / / ≥100
Flexural Strength MPa 110℃×24h ≥6 ≥8 ≥9
1350℃×3h ≥8 ≥9 /
1550℃×3h / / ≥11
Permanent linear change Rate % 1000℃×3h -0.3 -0.2 -0.2
1350℃×3h ±0.3 ±0.5 /
1550℃×3h / / ±0.5
Maximum service temperature  ℃ 1450 1600 1800

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