Corundum castable material is a high-quality refractory material made from corundum and other ceramic components. It exhibits excellent resistance to high temperatures and corrosion, making it suitable for use in high-temperature equipment such as cement kilns, boilers, and furnaces. Our company, as a direct source factory, provides customized solutions with a focus on superior quality and prompt delivery.

Corundum Castable Material: Corundum castable material is a refractory castable with an alumina content of over 80%. It is composed of special high-alumina clinker or fused brown corundum as aggregates, combined with refractory powders, pure calcium aluminate cement binders, silica fume, and additives. Construction is typically done through casting, allowing for the creation of monolithic linings or prefabricated blocks that can be assembled on-site.

Characteristics of Corundum Castable Material:

  1. High strength, wear resistance, impact resistance, and resistance to oil penetration.
  2. Excellent flame retardancy, low water absorption, and resistance to high and low temperatures.
  3. Remarkable durability and long service life.
  4. Simple and efficient construction, easy to handle and operate.
  5. Good overall integrity, easy repair, and minimal risk of spalling.

The application temperature of corundum castable material ranges from 1600 to 1700°C. It exhibits high mechanical strength, excellent resistance to abrasion, and dimensional stability. Although its thermal shock resistance is slightly lower, it compensates with superior strength, exceptional high-temperature performance, volume stability, low thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, effective sealing properties, early setting time, strong resistance to slag penetration, and resistance to erosion. It is primarily used as lining material in various high-temperature kilns and structures. Examples include the outer linings of immersion tubes in steel vacuum degassing units, linings for spray metallurgy and argon blowing inclusions, trihedral linings for electric furnace roofs, LF furnace covers, high-temperature wear-resistant linings for petrochemical catalytic cracking reactors, as well as linings for circulating fluidized beds and boilers in power plants.

Amorphous materials, on the other hand, are a type of refractory material characterized by their non-crystalline structure. They possess unique properties that make them ideal for specific applications. One common type of amorphous material is amorphous silica, which offers excellent thermal stability, low thermal expansion, and resistance to thermal shock. These characteristics make it suitable for applications in high-temperature environments, such as glass production, semiconductor manufacturing, and thermal insulation.


Corundum castable material and amorphous materials play crucial roles in high-temperature industries, offering exceptional performance and durability. As a leading manufacturer and source factory, our company provides customized solutions, ensuring superior quality products and prompt delivery. The versatility, strength, and ease of construction of corundum castable material, combined with the unique properties of amorphous materials, make them essential choices for high-temperature applications in various industries.