Lightweight Insulating Castable Description

Lightweight insulating castable is monolithic refractory made from lightweight refractory aggregate, powder, binding agent and additives. Lightweight insulating castable is usually worked by casting method, or gunning method, spraying coating method, that’s why it is also called lightweight concrete, or lightweight coating mix, lightweight unshaped refractory. As lightweight insulating castable has good workability and fast working speed, especially for inner lining with complex structure and shapes, the advantages of lightweight insulating castable is more significant. Besides, light insulating castable has low thermal conductivity and low thermal capacity, it is energy-saving, so it is widely used in high temperature projects as insulating material.

Lightweight insulating castable is usually named by its aggregate composition, for example, expansile vermiculite castable, expansile perlite castable, lightweight high alumina castable, light mullite castable, lightweight silica castable, etc. The performance of light insulating castable is mainly decided by the performance of lightweight aggregate and binding agents.

Rongsheng refractory could offer you the best refractory castable as following:
1.High alumina castable.
2.low cement refractory castable.
3.corundum castable.
4.Self flowing refractory castable.
5.Corundum mullite castable.
6.Silicon carbide castable.
7.Zirconia Refractory Castable.
8.Lightweight insulation Refractory castable

Features of Lightweight Insulating Castable

1.Good thermal shock stability

2.High density and low porosity

3.Good slag resistance and corrosion resistance

4.High refractoriness

5.Scouring resistance

6.High refractoriness under load

Lightweight Insulating Castable Application:

Lightweight insulating castables are widely used in boilers, Industrial furnace kiln and other body insulation engineering field. They can also be used for oil, chemical, nonferrous metallurgy and other industries acid tank, tank and other acid projects.

Product Specification of Lightweight Insulating Castable

Insulating castable
Perlite insulating castable
Diatomite insulating castable
Al2O3 %
Bulk density g/cm3
Crushing strength MPa(110℃)
Thermal conductivity(w/m·K)
Max. working temperature ℃

Production Process

Product packaging & Shipping

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