Product Description of Refractory Mortar For Industrial Kilns And Brick

Refractory mortar is also called mortar or seal jet, which can resist high temperature environment and adopted as castable refractory to build and repair all kinds of furnace and kilns. fire clay mortaris made of refractory powder, binding agent and admixture., which can be made to be powder what is used to mix castable refractory mortar. and firclay mortar also can balance the expansion between firebricks. Thus only use high quality fireclay mortar that can prolong the service life of furnaces and kilns.

Product Specification of Refractory Mortar For Industrial Kilns And Brick

Description RS-1300 RS-1400 RS-1500 RS-1600
Classification Temperature(°C) 1300 1400 1500 1600
Loading softening emperature(°C) 1320 1410 1550 1600
State Paste Paste Paste Paste
Chemical composition(%) Al2O3 40 53 60 78
Fe2O3 1.2 1.0 0.9 0.7
Matching firebrick B1,B2,B5,NT-23 B6,C2,NT 26 NT-28,NT-30 NT-32

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