The Working Principle of Ladle Nozzle

The sliding nozzle device is composed of upper and lower sliding plates made of refractory materials and mechanical driving structure, which is installed outside the bottom of the ladle. The upper slide is fixed and the lower one is movable. According to the action mode of skateboard, it can be divided into three types: 1) linear reciprocating; 2) linear propulsion; 3) rotary. When the casting holes on the upper and lower slide bricks are staggered, the upper nozzle hole is filled with drainage sand, and the ladle can be filled with steel; when the casting holes overlap, the drainage sand will flow out automatically, and the pouring speed can be controlled by the overlapping degree of casting holes.

The slide plate is the key component to determine the function of sliding nozzle, which plays the role of controlling and regulating the flow rate of molten steel. Due to repeated contact with high temperature molten steel (especially at the casting hole), the sliding plate suffers from severe corrosion and severe service conditions. The slide plate is required to have good performance such as high strength, corrosion resistance and anti spalling.

Properties of Sliding Plate

(1) smoothness of sliding surface ≤ 0.05mm;
(2) high mechanical strength
(3) It has strong corrosion resistance to molten steel and slag;
(4) excellent oxidation resistance;
(5) good thermal shock stability.

The sealing protection of ladle sliding nozzle is mainly at the joint of upper nozzle and upper sliding plate, and lower sliding plate and lower water inlet. During the pouring process, the lower slide plate and the lower nozzle must be replaced and reassembled after pouring one or two heats of molten steel. In order to ensure the high cleanliness of the molten steel and the uniformity of the internal quality of the billet, the sealing protection adopts fiber or clay sealing gasket.

The structural principle of Tundish Nozzle:

The tundish nozzle is a combination of inner core and exterior. The inner core is made of stabilized zirconia and zircon sand, producing through molding machines and high-temperature calcination. The exterior is made of zirconium and corundum, producing through molding machines and low-temperature baking. Tundish nozzle is located at the bottom of the tundish, it’s the channel of liquid steel to flow from the tundish into the crystallizer.

Features of Metering Nozzle/ Refractory Nozzle/ Refractory Tundish:

1.Low expansion, supprior resistance to erosion/corrosion and thermal shock cycling.
2.Long and extended casting sequence times
3.Controlled and stable casting speed
4.Resistance to oxygen lancing

Our high purity and density ZrO2 tundish nozzle have the excellent shock stability, strong errosion resistance, durable working time etc features. Our tundish nozzles are different from the one of Inida, UK, Germany, etc. origin. We have the high density of 5.4g/cm3, taking the special material and technology, automatic production equipment, enough firing time, then excellent property than them. For the tundish nozzle inserts, we have making testing on 150tons ladle for 95% zirconia products, our tundish nozzle can keep working 10-12 hours, even longer.
Our High performance 95% tundish Zirconia upper nozzle has the high purity and density, excellent erosion, thermal shock stability, crushing resistance, etc. feature. Tundish nozzles are mainly control the steel liquid flowing amount into the mould.

Product Specification of The Ladle Nozzle

Zirconia Insert
ZrO2+HfO2 % 93 94 95
Bulk Density   (g/cm3) 5 5.2 5.4
Apparent Porosity  % 8 7 6
Cold Crushing Strength (Mpa) 90 100 100
Refractoriness under Load 0.2Mpa (℃) 1790 1790 1790
Zirconia metering nozzle (Alumina sleeve)
Brand GD-1 GD-2 GD-3 GD-4
Al2O3% 65 70 70 75
C % 5 5
Bulk Density   (g/cm3) 2.6 2.6 2.7 2.7
Apparent Porosity  % 23 23 22 22
Cold Crushing Strength (Mpa) 40 40 45 45

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Packaging of Ladle Nozzle And Slide Gate Plate On Wooden Pallets With Box

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3.Sample shipping by express
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