Product Description of 2023 Hot Sale Alumina Hollow Balls

Alumina hollow Balls are a novel type of high-temperature insulating material. They are produced by melting industrial alumina in an electric furnace and forming them by blowing. With a maximum operating temperature of 1800°C, these products exhibit high mechanical strength, several times stronger than typical lightweight materials, and possess higher volume density.

The production process of hollow ball involves the rapid cooling of a high-temperature alumina solution after it’s sprayed, resulting in volumetric shrinkage. Under the influence of surface tension and centrifugal force, this process forms small spherical shapes. Upon rapid cooling, the surface instantly solidifies, allowing the solution to uniformly solidify on the outer shell of the hollow sphere. Thermal expansion and contraction are fundamental to the formation of these hollow spheres.

Key Properties of Alumina Hollow Balls
Alumina Hollow Balls are known for their distinctive properties that make them suitable for a range of applications.

1.Lightweight: The hollow structure of these balls makes them remarkably lightweight, offering potential savings in terms of transport and handling costs.
2.High Thermal Resistance: They have exceptional thermal resistance, making them suitable for applications involving high temperatures.
3.High Mechanical Strength: Despite their lightweight structure, Alumina Hollow Balls have excellent mechanical strength, offering long-term durability.
4.Chemical Resistance: They resist most acids and alkalis, making them ideal for applications in harsh chemical environments.

Applications of Alumina Hollow Balls
The versatile properties of Alumina Hollow Balls have led to their widespread use across numerous industries.

Refractories: Due to their high thermal resistance, Alumina Hollow Balls are used in refractories, including fire-resistant bricks and monolithic refractories.
Ceramics: In the ceramics industry, they are used for producing lightweight, heat-resistant products.
Insulation: They are an excellent insulator, used in thermal insulation materials and products.
Chemical Industry: Owing to their chemical resistance, these balls find applications in various chemical processes.

Product Specification of 2023 Hot Sale Alumina Hollow Balls


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