On a scorching summer day, you bring extraordinary sweetness. To enhance employees’ sense of belonging to the company, promote communication and interaction among employees, and advance the construction of corporate culture, on July 3rd, Rongsheng Technology Group held the 2021 Summer Employee Birthday Party on the 11th floor of the group as scheduled.

Chu Keqi, the chairman of the group, and Wang Haijun, the general manager, gathered together with 54 birthday stars from various departments to spend this warm and unforgettable time together.

Colorful ribbons fluttered, and colorful balloons danced in the air. The venue of the event was decorated warmly and beautifully. With sweet cakes, delicious desserts, and exquisite gifts, everything was available, and the birthday party began amidst laughter and joy. The birthday party was hosted by Liang Xiangyang from the Human Resources and Administration Department.

Amidst enthusiastic applause, General Manager Wang Haijun and Chairman Chu Keqi extended their blessings to the birthday stars and expressed that Rongsheng’s development is inseparable from the efforts of every Rongsheng employee. They hoped that through quarterly birthday parties, all employees could feel the warmth of this big family and work passionately and positively in the Rongsheng family to create a better future.

Accompanied by joyful melodies, the big screen played VCR birthday videos recorded by various departments for the birthday stars. At the same time, colleagues wrote personalized birthday wishes on elaborately crafted birthday cards and presented them to the birthday stars. The greetings were passionate and sincere, and each smile was sweet and touching. Whether as the well-wishers or the recipients of the wishes, everyone’s hearts were filled with different warmth and touched emotions.

Facing the surprising VCRs and exquisite gifts, the representatives of the birthday stars gave speeches one by one. Everyone expressed their honor to be part of the loving Rongsheng family. They not only felt the enthusiasm of their colleagues but also experienced such a heartwarming corporate atmosphere. It was truly special and heartwarming, an unforgettable experience.

Amidst applause and cheers, the eagerly awaited game segment began. In the ring toss game, a dazzling array of prizes were placed on the game field. First, everyone took turns guessing numbers or performing acts to win corresponding numbers of rings. Each participant in the game had a chance to win one ring, while those who showcased their talents could win three rings. As long as a ring landed on one of the prizes on the ground, the corresponding prize could be claimed.

To gain as many opportunities as possible, everyone actively participated with great enthusiasm. Some had extraordinary luck, while others displayed remarkable talents. Cheers and laughter erupted on the scene, and the atmosphere of the entire birthday party reached its climax. Every Rongsheng employee indulged in the joy of the moment, forgetting about age and stress, embracing the childlike innocence and fun. Songs, applause, laughter, and cheers intertwined, playing a passionate and joyful concerto.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…” accompanied by the familiar melody, the birthday stars sang the birthday song together in front of specially customized birthday cakes, making wishes for a bright future. Everyone shared and enjoyed the cake together, experiencing the joy of this birthday, and feeling the exclusive warmth of the Rongsheng family. Laughter and happiness filled the air, and the birthday party came to a close amidst the sounds of joy and laughter.

Apart from the birthday party, there are also other benefits provided throughout the year, such as birthday gifts, holiday presents, periodic training and learning, employee team building, and team-building activities. These initiatives aim to help every Rongsheng employee not only realize their self-worth and achieve personal growth in their work but